You may be walking but you are definitely running ahead of the competition 

The walk-behind is just another example of Bad Boy not only building a better mower in this class, but driving innovation forward for the whole industry.

This versatile and agile performer is great for get-on and get-off mowing jobs and provides all the Bad Boy Mower traits through and through.

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541cc Kawasaki 48"  

Cash : $ 4,849.00

Credit Card : $ 4,994.47

Fincance: $ 5,333.90

Bad Boy Mower Logo 3.png

603cc Kawasaki 54"  

Cash : $ 5,049.00

Credit Card : $ 5,200.47

Fincance: $ 5,553.90

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* Additional sizes available upon request

*Market Prices are changing. We do our best to keep with price changes but are not responsible for any pricing errors.