Now there is a Scag mower that is perfect for the home owner.


Reclaim your weekend! 

The Scag Liberty Z ® is specifically designed for the home owner that wants a high-quality mower but does not need a large, commercial-grade unit. Now, there is no need to take a step down and buy a big box, throw away mower. Now, you can buy something that will last, and perform at a very high level.

The Freedom Z ® is designed for commercial and large estate use. We invite you to learn more about the outstanding, commercial grade features of the Freedom Z and how it can save you time while delivering professional results.

52' Kawasaki  Cash - $4,799.99 Financed - $5,087.99

48' Kohler  Cash - $5,299.99  Financed - $5,617.99

* Additional sizes available upon request

52' Kohler  Cash - $5,499.99  Financed - $5,829.99

* Additional sizes available upon request


True Commercial-Grade. Incredible Value.

The Patriot Z is designed with the needs of lawn care pros in mind. With a ultra-plush bolstered seat, large diameter steering handles, and rubber iso-mounted foot plate give the operator a comfortable ride and have your “competition” talking. The Patriot delivers commercial-grade results at an incredible value!

52' Kawasaki  Cash - $7,299.99 Financed - $7,664.99


Earn Your Stripes!

With roaring power and agile maneuverability, the compact Scag Tiger Cat II® is a force all its own. Where productivity is essential, the Tiger Cat II delivers with ease, capable of handling more than 24 acres per day. 

Comfort is maximized with either an adjustable suspension seat. Adjustable steering levers, arm rests and a big foot platform reduce operator fatigue. 

* Additional sizes available upon request

52' Kawasaki  Cash - $8950.99  Financed - $9,488.99

* Additional sizes available upon request

Scag CheetahII.png

The Scag Cheetah II is the fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family.

Recharged and still leading the way.

Clocking in at speeds up to 16 mph and featuring a coil-over shock suspension system, the Cheetah is truly a remarkable zero-turn mower. The Operator Suspension System isolates the operator platform via a coil-over shock and provides additional comfort via rubber iso-mounts. This innovative, adjustable system soaks up the bumps and keeps things simple with only three moving parts. 

 The large 13 gallon fuel capacity (dual tanks) keeps you in the field cutting grass. Fill up in the morning and cut all day long.

The Turf Tiger II stands heads and tails above the crowd in power, durability and performance. This industry benchmark has been re-engineered to be as easy on the operator as it is efficient on tough jobs in the field. No matter how challenging the terrain and cutting conditions, the Turf Tiger II makes mowing a snap.

The Turf Tiger II features the exclusive Command-Comfort Operator Station with adjustable 4-point iso-mounted suspension seat and Quick-Fit adjustable steering control levers to make your time spent in the driver’s seat more comfortable and more productive.

61' Kawasaki  Cash - $10,999.99  Financed - $11,659.99

* Additional sizes available upon request

61' Vanguard Cash - $13,699.99 Financed - $14,415.99

* Additional sizes available upon request