Rugged, reliable and fun to drive, Kymco makes excellent ATV's and UXV's with sizes to fit the entire family. Starting at 70cc units for younger kids and up to 700C units for power users, Kymco units feature a 1 year parts and labor warranty and are backed up by our service department. Low interest financing, with terms up to 60 months, is available through our online application.



Mongoose 70 S

Mongoose 70s Official_edited_edited.png

Mongoose 70 S 

Cash $2,319.00

Finance $2,419.99

Mongoose 90 S

Mongoose 90s Official_edited.png

Mongoose 90 S 

Cash $2,619.00

Finance $2,719.99

The Mongoose 70 S and 90 S are both great entry level ATVs for young riders. The ergonomically designed seat helps riders move and shift around with ease on the vehicle or get a better grip. 

MXU 150x

MXU 270

MXU 150X 

Cash $3,349.00

Finance $3,499.99

MXU 270.png


MXU 270

Cash $4,249.00

Finance $4,399.99

Powered by a 149cc 4-stroke engine, this vehicle is equipped with the power demanded to easily traverse obstacles and maneuver through the roughness encountered on trails.

The MXU 270 is a versatile and low maintenance ATV and is perfect for a transitional rider who knows how to work and play. Cargo racks and tow hitch help you get the job done and play in the mud after.

MXU 450i LE

MXU 450i.png

MXU 450i LE

Cash $5,899.00

Finance $5,999.99

The 4-wheel independent suspension and on demand 2wd/4wd drive system makes this vehicle “the-go-to” vehicle to take you everywhere. The MXU 450i LE is fully loaded with more special features than most ATVs on the market.


UXV 450i 

UXV 700i 

UXV 450i.png

UXV 450i

Cash $8,199.00

Finance $8,299.99

UXV 700i

Cash $9,199.00

Finance $9,299.99

From low end pulling power to top speed, the UXV 450i provides excellent performance through the RPM range.

In addition to the popular bench seat, this compact utility vehicle is loaded with various special features such as

multiple storage compartments, 12-volt DC charging port, and safety side nets.

The UXV 700i model comes equipped with premium Kaifa gas-reservoir shocks, a standard feature rarely found on a base model, providing sure footed handling in rough terrain. Steel braided brake lines ensure positive brake response without the brake fade that can be experienced with standard rubber brake lines.