Warm dry weather is coming and our shop is ready!

Over the last few weeks we have had trouble keeping Bad Boy in stock but things are getting better!

No Sales Tax on all Financed Bad Boy's until further notice!

Our shop is caught up right now so we are seeing extremely quick turnaround times on routine service. If you need to have your mower serviced, get it to us quick as we expect to see the workload ramp up quickly!

We are receiving truckloads of mowers now about every two weeks. We are still not where we need to be with stock on all models but we are in pretty good shape across the more popular models. Bad Boy is seing unprecidented demand and is slowly catching up. The good news is if we do not have the model you want at your preferred store, more than likely we have it at one o four other stores.

Until further notice, we'll pay the sales tax on all financed Bad Boy mowers. With the season ending and the new Bad Boy Tractors arriving in our Meridian store, we goota make some room. Call or text Kevin at 601.504.9042 for details.

Our Service Dept is Open!